Data crowdsourcing and labeling is indispensable to AI development, research and census.

We provide a comprehensive platform for completing simple data tasks with rewards, while assisting researchers to address data needs and focus on research.

Data Crowdsourcing

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Spend a lot of spare time on your phone? Here's a better way to do it, whether you're at lunch, in line, or on your commute.
Earn Rewards

Contributors earn rewards on our app by completing simple tasks like labeling images, translating text, completing surveys, etc.

Contribute to Innovation

The data you create on this app helps business to develop smarter AI, better marketing campaigns, and more.

This app is for everybody.

All you need is your phone and a PayPal account, and we're working on adding new rewards every day. Download now to check it out—it's totally free.

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Get your data labelled

We provide companies & researchers a channel to label data & deliver high-accuracy datasets ready for AI/ML applications. Examples of data collection & processing we currently specialise in:

  • All-in-one solution - Quality datasets for AI and applications
  • SaaS - Data labeling, task management and review module empowering your internal labeling team
  • Localized crowd intelligence, sentiment and public opinion
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Contributors' Distribution

We strive to grow and team up our contributors around the world, to give back to the societies we serve for & to support local researches. As of October 18, 2019, the total number of contributors was 1033, growing by 19.4% monthly. Below is the contributor distribution of the users who have granted us the info.:


Our contributors come from 35 countries & are proficient in 63 languages.

Education Level

From the general public to the completion of higher education.

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Vision behind tasks

Research Applications

AI Development & Validation
AI companies & IT solution agencies

Speech-text NLP, Computer vision & Autonomous vehicles

Local Market Research
Corporations & Research institutions

Customer behaviour & perference analysis, Guaging interest & BI

Public Opinion Polling
Think tanks, NGO & Government

Urban planning, Public policy decision-making driven by local preference

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