We’ve built you a platform to collect and label data.

The most time consuming part of AI production is data labeling. Datax can change that for your business. We crowdsource data labelers who use our app to perform annotation and sentiment analysis of your data for all your AI and machine learning needs.


How Does Datax Work?

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    1. Pick a Template

    On Datax’s Manage website you’ll find a template for any type of data, from video to text. All you need to do is add instructions and upload the resources our contributors will need to complete your task.

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    2. Choose Your Crowd

    Some tasks are universal. Others aren’t. We let you choose the location, language, age range, gender, and education level of the contributors who will complete your task.

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    3. Finishing Touches

    Make use of adjustable preferences like time limit, job distribution order, and consensus size, etc. to ensure your data is prepared exactly as you need.

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    4. Review the Responses

    Don’t pay for poor work. We allow you to manually review responses: contributors will get a reward for accepted responses only, while rejected responses will create a slot for a new submission.

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    5. Export Your Data

    The data you crowdsource on our platform belongs to you!

How it works

Specialized Task Types

Let us know if you need any other data / task type.

How it works

Use Cases

We help crowdsourcing data in unlimited use cases across different industries with examples below.

AI Development & Validation
AI companies & IT solution agencies

Speech-text NLP, Computer vision & Autonomous vehicles

Local Market Research
Corporations & Private companies

Customer behaviour & perference analysis, Guaging interest & BI

Public Opinion Polling
Think tanks, NGO & Government

Urban planning, Public policy decision-making driven by local preference

What makes Datax special?

Localised Labeling

Instead of crowdsourcing data from scattered workers, Datax builds large, localised contributor bases. Datax is the way to precise, demographic-based data.

Quality Assured

AI production demands accurate data. Datax allows you to easily set a consensus size among data contributors and reject poor responses to ensure data quality.


Whether you need 5 or 5000 pieces of data labeled, Datax will find the perfectly-sized workforce for your task.

Time Saving

Let your internal team work smarter, not harder: crowdsourcing data labeling work makes the process 80% faster.

The Datax Channels

Not a business? Our app was made for you. Start earning money by labeling data now.


Spend a lot of spare time on your phone? Here’s a better way to do it, whether you’re at lunch, in line, or on your commute.

Earn Rewards
Contributors earn rewards on our app by completing simple tasks like labeling images, translating text, completing surveys, etc. This isn’t a part-time job: you’ll get paid for each task no matter how many you complete.

Contribute to Innovation
The data you create on this app helps business to develop smarter AI, better marketing campaigns, and more.

This app is for everybody. All you need is your phone and a PayPal account, and we’re working on adding new rewards every day. Download now to check it out—it’s totally free.

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Get your data labelled

We provide companies & researchers a channel to label data & deliver high-accuracy datasets ready for AI/ML applications. Examples of data collection & processing we currently specialise in:

  • Image/Video/Audio/Doc labelling
  • Survey
  • Sentiment analysis
Label data now

Contributors' Distribution

We believe user experience is the key to get your trust & support. Therefore, we spend all our resources & efforts to enhance your user experience without spending a buck on advertising. We strive to grow and team up our contributors around the world, to give back to the societies we serve for & to support local researches. As of September 17, 2019, the total number of contributors was 865. Below is the contributor distribution of the users who have granted us the info.:


Our contributors come from 35 countries & are proficient in 63 languages.

Education Level

From the general public to the completion of higher education.

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