AI-assisted Labeling Tools

Support Cloud PaaS / On-premises
Form data auto. recognition & extraction system

Combining OCR & NLP models, required data is identified, structured and extracted from scanned docs or images. It supports tailoring to different domains or forms to improve accuracy, and pre-processing image tilt, scan noise and other issues.

The system also includes interfaces & dashboards that are indispensable for manual verification in daily business processes.

Auto. labeling tool for objects & actions

By applying our body movement & object recognition models, with transfer & active learning, our auto-labeling tool can deliver customized action & object recognition with only a small amount of training data.

This tool is suitable for any computer vision related annotation, such as worker activity monitoring. It can be deployed as a cloud solution, on-premise or run in offline devices to ensure data privacy & security.

Data Crowdsourcing

Datax lets you distribute data crowdsourcing or annotation tasks to selected public contributors. It is suitable for ground truth data collection involving images or recordings, that are abundant in contributors’ devices and closely associated with daily activities.

You can imagine photos taken, voice recordings, or even Spotify song lists or listening habits, which can help develop AI app. that require local users' preference.

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How it works

Use Cases

AI Model Development
AI companies & IT solution agencies

Computer vision for recognizing objects & actions. Speech-text & NLP

AI Solution Validation
Corporations & Research institutions

Design & run model evaluation metrics in enterprise application level

Process Automation
Org. with extensive manual processes

Start collecting or utilizing data to create value & save manpower by AI

How AI-assisted Labeling Works

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    1. Define & label needed objects or actions

    Let your labelers follow the instruction to label the needed objects or actions using our handy video labeling tool. The annotation can be exported at any time, while it is used to finetune the auto-labeling algorithm, to further improve the annotation accuracy.

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    2. Auto-generate key frames & labels

    The finetuned auto labeling AI system automatically generate keyframes & annotations of your defined objects & actions.

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    3. Validate & correct the generated labels

    Manually correct the auto-generated labels using the interface. The validated fresh data can be used for further training of the auto-labeling algorithm, to help label more videos & frames under the same scenario.

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    4. Label more videos & export your data

    Congratulations. You can use the trained AI to annotate & export data at any time. Focus on your application development & research!

How it works

Specialized Task Types

Let us know if you need any other data / task type.

What makes Datax special?

Localised Labeling

Instead of crowdsourcing data from scattered workers, Datax builds large, localised contributor bases. Datax is the way to precise, demographic-based data.

Quality Assured

AI production demands accurate data. Datax allows you to easily set a consensus size among data contributors and reject poor responses to ensure data quality.


Whether you need 5 or 5000 pieces of data labeled, Datax will find the perfectly-sized workforce for your task.

Time Saving

Let your internal team work smarter, not harder: crowdsourcing data labeling work makes the process 80% faster.

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